Association of two single nucleotide polymorphisms rs10407022 and rs3741664 with the risk of primary ovarian insufficiency in a sample of Iraqi women

Document Type : Short communication


1 University Headquarter, University of Anbar, Ramadi, Iraq

2 College of Science, University of Anbar, Ramadi, Iraq

3 College of Education for Pure Science, University of Anbar, Ramadi, Iraq


Primary ovarian insufficiency (POI) can be a devastating disease impacting women below the age of forty. This involves a major decrease in the amount and quality of oocytes, or ovarian reserve in a woman. The distribution of single-nucleotide polymorphisms, rs10407022 and rs3741664, in Iraqi people and its association with primary ovarian insufficiency is the main objective of this study. The mean of FSH and LH levels of patients with POI was higher than control, while the mean of AMH levels of patients was lower compared to control. For rs10407022, the GT and TT genotypes were positively associated with the risk of POI. For the rs3741664, the AG genotype was negatively associated with the risk of POI. The results lead to the main conclusion that rs10407022 and rs3741664 polymorphisms may significantly affected the serum levels of AMH and FSH and thus affect POI etiology.