Dual effect of Sapogenins extracted from Spirulina platensis on telomerase activity in two different cell lines

Document Type : Short communication


Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST), Tehran, Iran


Spirulina platensis is a photosynthetic filamentous, edible cyanobacterium that is known as a superfood.  In this study, sapogenins were extracted from the spirulina and the effects of these compounds on telomerase activity were evaluated in MCF7 and HDF cell lines using Telomeric Repeat Amplification Protocol and ELIZA assay. The highest increase in telomerase activity was observed at 0.004 mg/ml of sapogenin by 26% ±20.5 in MCF7 cells, while in HDF cells in the same concentration telomerase activity decreased down to 47%±0.48 and the highest inhibition of telomerase activity was observed at 0.070 mg/ml of sapogenins from Spirulina by 68%±0.43. In conclusion, a compound could play a role as a telomerase activator in one cell line while it could play another role as a telomerase inhibitor in another cell line so introducing compounds as a telomerase inhibitor (anticancer) or as a telomerase activator (anti-aging) should be done with discreet.